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It occurs to me that I haven’t spoken much about my other crafts.  Knitting is, obviously, number one in my heart these days, but that wasn’t always the case.  My first craft was scrapbooking followed closely by card-making.  I didn’t have much motivation to do either of those the past few years but, with the extra time at home due to COVID-19, I’m back to doing both.  And being motivated to do them!  So let me tell you more about all this crafting fun…..


I started out making scrapbooks of my trips.  I’ve always loved to travel but when I met Matt, our vacations went into hyper-mode.  We’ve had three major vacations every year for the past 10 years.  My scrapbooking couldn’t keep up!  As a sort of compromise, I started doing Project Life a year after we got married.  I really wish I had started that during our courtship, but oh, well. 

Project Life is a way to scrapbook the everyday.  In the beginning, I challenged myself to take a picture a day.  After a few years of that, and two albums per year, I switched to a picture every other day so I could fit a year into one album.  I love these albums and they’re great to look back at.


My introduction to card-making was through Stampin Up!  After working at a Hallmark store during college, I had a profound love of cards and snail mail.  So it was only natural that card-making should appeal to me.  I bought a lot of supplies in the early days: stamp sets, ink pads, cropping tools….  


And I still use them.  I’m hard pressed to actually buy a card; I try very hard to make them all.  It’s a labor of love because sometimes I’m just not that motivated.  And sometimes I am and yet the end result doesn’t live up to my expectations. 

I’ve definitely ramped up my card-making during COVID.  I’m also trying to send out more cards – for random things but also to coworkers for birthdays since we’re no longer in the office.  Soon I’m going to start Christmas card production.  I’ve made our Christmas cards every year that we’ve been married – except one especially busy year.

Home Life

I love our home and I love how crafting enhances it and chronicles the stories inside of it.  COVID has taught me many lessons and one of them is to not take our home – and family – for granted.  

Look for more different crafting stories in the future. I hope you are safe and well!  And knitting!

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