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2019 Knitting Goals Revisited

Since it’s now mid-November, I thought I’d share an update on my knitting goals.  I last talked about this subject in January (where does the time go?!), so it’s a good time to revisit it.  After all, it will be 2020 before we know it!

2019 Goals

My goal for 2019 was the same as 2018 – 12 projects.  For some this may seem like a lot, if you’re not a daily knitter.  For others, who have more knitting time (and of whom I’m extremely jealous), this may seem like a terribly conservative goal.  For me, it’s perfect. Thinking of it in terms of a project a month really helps me mentally.

As of today, I’ve completed 11.75 projects.  Yay! To be fair, three of those projects were hats, which knit up very quickly.  But I’m hoping to get a pair of socks done in December, for a total of 13 FOs. Success!


I’m already thinking about 2020.  I want to tackle some bigger projects, mainly shawls, that will take longer.  So I’m debating lowering my goal to 10 projects. But part of me wants to keep the goal of 12.  

What to do?! 

I need to sit down and plan out all of my knitted gifts for the year.  I already know that I need to knit three gifts. Maybe I can crank out three shawls?

Crooked Ewe Cowl

Pattern Drooling

Some of the patterns that I’m drooling over….

Knitnight by Tamy Gore…..  And I’d love to find a kit for this one.  Lovely!!

Hint of Autumn by Tamy Gore….  Apparently I’m on a Tamy Gore kick!  I missed out on kits for this pattern and I’m super bummed because I love the colors in the sample!  Love!

Jumping Jacks by Plucky Knitter Designs…  I love these socks. They make me so happy just by looking at them!!  I may need them on my feet!

Sugar Glazed Socks by Sandra C…  I’ve been wanting to knit socks with a pattern up the side and only on the side.  These are adorable!

What are you drooling over?   Ravelry is so overwhelming! I want to knit it all! 

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