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2019 Knitting Goals

After my most productive knitting year ever, I’m super psyched to set more goals for 2019.  

That being said, I’m not the fastest knitter.  I work all day. I know my limits. I throw my yarn.  Some other people, like Knitty Natty, blow my goals out of the water – and I’m super jealous of her productivity.  But everyone is different. Two years ago, my goal would have been three projects. So at least I’ve made progress.  

hand-dyed yarn knitting

And I’ve truly enjoyed that progress!  My goal for 2019 will be twelve projects again, like last year.  But I’m throwing in one specific project, to make sure it actually happens this year: a Find Your Fade wrap.  I have the yarn for it so I just need to cast on – finally! I know I’m probably the last knitter in the world to knit a Fade!

Since that wrap will take longer than a month, I’m giving myself permission to do a few smaller projects when time is tight.  I really want to make a Christmas tree ornament and cat toy. Those would teach me new skills but not be huge time commitments.

hand-dyed yarn

As for the other projects I’ll knit…..  Well, I want to knit dozens, hundreds of things!  There are so many amazing patterns out there!  I have a vague idea of what I’ll do – at least three pairs of socks, something for a baby, a few hats…  But nothing is set in stone. And I like that – the ability to do something at the last minute, if it catches my eye.  

What about you?  What are you eyeing for 2019?  Decisions, decisions….

If you need inspiration, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee has an idea that I’m definitely tempted by: take twelve skeins of sock yarns and twelve sock patterns, put them in baggies and you have instant sock kits that you can pick up when you need a new project.  How genius is that?!

Whatever you decide to do, happy knitting!

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