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2020 Goals Revisited

It’s that time of year to take stock of the past year and look to the next year ahead.  2020, despite all the catastrophes, was a good year in many ways.  I got to work from home for 9 months, knitted more than ever, and was far less stressed than other years (mainly due to having no commute for those 9 months).  Though I’m not one to make resolutions, I do try to set goals for my knitting – and sometimes I accomplish them!  

Let’s take a look at my knitting in 2020…..


I set these goals for 2020, before I knew what the year ahead would be like:

  • Make a Christmas ornament (leftover, unrealized goal from 2019!)
  • Try the Fish Lips Heel!
  • Organize my stash, especially the leftovers.
  • Gift knitting – keep on top of it!
  • Finish my Find Your Fade shawl
  • Read more books about knitting
  • Knit about 10 projects


All in all, I did pretty well last year, but let’s break it down.

I started a Christmas ornament.  It’s still not done.  In a similar vein, I knit cat toys for the first time – and they were super fun and the cats loved them.  Hopefully I can finish the ornament I started before next Christmas.  

The Fish Lips heel did not happen.  But, I can say – spoiler alert! – that I tried my first true afterthought heel this week and it was a success!  So, more on afterthought heels in 2021!

My stash got super organized in 2020.  This was my first quarantine project.  I weighed and labeled all my leftover yarn and organized my stash into bins according to weight.  Unfortunately, I’ve added to my stash and it’s gotten a bit disorganized in the past few months.  Hopefully I can work on that soon.

yarn organization

My gift knitting was great in 2020, though I must say that I didn’t do as much as in years’ past.  I made the cat toys and three pair of socks for gift-giving. 

I finished my Find Your Fade Shawl!  Yay!

Find Your Fade

Reading in general fell by the wayside in 2020 – in favor of knitting.  I have several knitting books I need to read and I cannot wait to get to them.

My total FO count for 2020 was 16 projects.  That does include three dishcloths (stocking stuffers) and it counts the cat toys as one project, when I actually made six.  But I’m super proud of that number, especially since it contains my Slipstravaganza, which was a beast of a project.  


I don’t know if I can surpass 16 projects in 2021, especially since I’ll probably have to go back to the office.  So I’m going to think more about my goals and tell you about them next week.  There may be some carryover from 2020 – like my reading.

But more on that later.  I hope your knitting in 2020 was fulfilling, mentally and physically!  It’s not all about project counts, after all.  It’s about finding what brings you joy and fulfillment!

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