2020 Knitting Goals

I can’t believe it’s 2020!  I’m still writing 2019 but hopefully that’ll change soon!  And now, just like in 2019, it’s time to set some knitting goals for the New Year.  I’ve struggled with a goal of a total number of projects to knit, but I think I’m happy with my final decision.

On a side note, I always prefer setting goals rather than making resolutions.  I think “goals” – even the connotation of the word – is much more friendly and positive.  But that’s personal preference!


Not all of these are strictly knitting but some have to do with knitting.  And here they are:

  • Make a Christmas ornament (leftover, unrealized goal from 2019!)
  • Try the Fish Lips Kiss Heel!
  • Organize my stash, especially the leftovers.
  • Gift knitting – keep on top of it!
  • Finish my Find Your Fade shawl
  • Read more books about knitting
  • Knit about 10 projects

I wish I could have finished my Fade last year but I have no regrets.  This is knitting, after all.  It’s supposed to be fun – not pressureful.  


That being said, I still put a lot of pressure on myself, mainly because there’s so much I want to knit – and there’s never enough time.  I don’t know how some knitters manage to produce 20+ finished objects a year. I mean, when is there that much time in a day to knit? I have a day job, other crafts I enjoy, books to read, and daily workout goals to accomplish.  That leaves only so much time to knit.   

Plank and Stella

Knitting Time

That being said, one of my goals is always to try to knit for a bit every single day.  Sometimes that goal is interrupted by evening plans or Friday night movies – that require my attention….  But I can usually accomplish this.

And the more you knit, the better – and faster –  you get! And getting faster would be very, very nice.  Think of how much more I could produce if I was a faster knitter!

Blog Goals

Another big goal for me is to keep producing good quality posts for you, dear reader!  I can’t thank you enough for tuning in every week and for following me on social media.  I’m going to try to do better on the social media front, so look for more stories and, hopefully, videos, popping up soon.  I don’t like seeing myself on camera or in pictures so this may be difficult for me, but I’ll try.  

What are you 2020 goals?  Do you have goals or resolutions? 

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