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2022 Advent Calendars

For several years now, I’ve bought yarn Advent calendars to help celebrate the season leading up to Christmas.  For years, as a knitter, I had no idea these existed.  And then I started watching knitting podcasts and knew I had to purchase one for myself.   For 2022, I’ve had some interesting ideas for the calendars.Let me tell you more!

What It Is

A yarn Advent calendar is like any other Advent calendar – usually 12 or 24/25 days of little gifts to open leading up to Christmas.  But for us knitters and crocheters, these yarn Advent calendars usually come with a mini skein a day.  And sometimes there’s a full-sized skein to open on Christmas day.

So many dyers are now doing Advents – and they list them as early in the year as March.  For many people,  it’s often overwhelming to think about so early in the year – and to decide from which dyer to purchase.  I usually  try to buy from a new-to-me dyer, which makes it extra fun!

2022 Calendars

For my full 25-day calendar this year, I chose to finally purchase one from Birdstreet Yarn.  This is a British dyer whose yarn constantly captures my attention on Instagram. When they posted an inspiration picture for this year’s Advent – with pinks and teals and turquoise – I knew this calendar was the one!!  This comes with a full-sized skein.

Birdstreet Advent

But then I saw that Lay Family Yarn, another British dyer, was offering an Advent.  This is another dyer from whom I’ve always wanted to shop.  The overseas shipping is always a deterrent, though.  But I couldn’t resist this year so I bought a 12-day calendar from this dyer.

Lay Family yarn

And then….  Natalie announced to her Love In Stitches membership (of which I’m a part) an Advent calendar swap.  Oh my!  This one was designed to help use up yarn scraps so of course I had to participate!  To get rid of yarn scraps!  But because I already have 1.5 calendars coming, I chose to do a 12-day calendar again.  (This was super fun to talk with my swap partner and choose appropriate yarn scraps!)


Of course, I have to knit with these calendars.  I’ve already knit with last  year’s two calendars, though I still have a bit to go on my Wolop Cowl.  But these calendars are always so much fun to knit with and there are so many patterns now that these calendars have become so popular.  Look for a post soon about what I’m thinking of making! 

Happy knitting!

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