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2022 Goals Revisited

Another year means another recap of knitting goals!  Every year, I try to set some goals for my knitting.  I’m not very strict regarding these goals, but I feel like it’s good to get something in writing at the beginning of the year.  

All this being said, I rarely meet all my goals….  And that’s perfectly fine!

2022 Goals

Let’s recap my 2022 goals…

  • Knit 2 pairs of birthday socks
  • Knit 6-7 pairs of Christmas socks
  • Participate in the Westknits MKAL again
  • Make colorwork mittens
  • Take a Selbu Mitten knitting class
  • Publish my sock pattern
  • Write another pattern
  • Knit with my 2 Advent kits from 2021

So I definitely accomplished some of these…..  I knit two pairs of birthday socks and knit 6 pairs of Christmas socks, not including my Advent socks during the holiday season.  Once again, I took part in the Westknits MKAL, though this year just about killed my hands and fingers (so much knitting)…   I also managed to knit with my two Advent calendars from 2021 and took a Selbu knitting class!

Twists and Turns MKAL

My intentions were good but I did not make colorwork mitts….  And while I started my Selbu mittens, I didn’t finish them.  I did not publish my sock pattern, nor did I write another one.  At some point, I just decided I wanted to have fun rather than stress about accomplishing anything in regards to pattern writing.  

2022 Projects

2022 was not my most productive knitting year  – I actually had one more FO last year.  

But I still completed 21 projects!  Here’s how they broke down:

16 pairs of socks

3 cowls

1 shawl

1 throw/blanket

Of the projects listed above, 8 were gifts!  Woohoo!  My gift knitting was epic, mostly due to all the Christmas socks I knit for my family.  That was too much fun!  I didn’t really mean to knit three cowls but it just kind of happened.  And it was a lot of fun! 

Ironically, my favorite FO for 2022 was a cowl: Joji Locatelli’s 3 Color Cashmere Cowl.  I loved this project.  It was fun and easy and so, so soft!

3 Color Cashmere Cowl


I don’t foresee many changes in knitting priorities for 2023, but I’ll share some goals for the year soon.  I have several WIPs from last year that I’d love to finish….  But I still want to make fun the priority of my knitting!

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