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2022 Knitting Goals

Earlier this week, I recapped my 2021 goals and talked about what I accomplished…and what did not happen.  I’m not so fond of goals or resolutions but, as you’ve come to see on this blog, I tend to always jot some down to keep me focused throughout the year.  2022 is sure to be a heavy knitting year since I now have a permanently remote job!

My Goals…

  • Knit 2 pairs of birthday socks
  • Knit 6-7 pairs of Christmas socks
  • Participate in the Westknits MKAL again
  • Make colorwork mittens
  • Take a Selbu Mitten knitting class
  • Publish my sock pattern
  • Write another pattern
  • Knit with my 2 Advent kits from 2021


There are a lot of socks I want to knit, as usual.  And I noticed, this past holiday season, that I don’t have a lot of Christmas socks in my handknit sock drawer.  My two pairs of Advent socks (The Cozy Knitter’s yarn) are all I have.  So…  I’m on a mission to knit more Christmas socks!

cozy knitter socks

I’ve heard of some Selbu Mitten classes online and I’d really like to take one.  These mittens are just so beautiful and I’d love to become proficient at knitting them!  Talk about great gifts!

Since I already have a sock design completed, I need to actually write it down, have it tested, and publish it.  I can’t wait to do this, but I need the time to do it!  And once that’s done, I’d love to get to work on another pattern.  I’m not aspiring to be a great knitwear designer but I’d like to publish some patterns now and then.

Since I ordered two Advent knitting calendars in 2021, I really need to knit both of them.  I’ve already started on my second Habitation Throw, which is just too much fun!


I’m really excited for what I could potentially accomplish in 2022.  And I keep seeing more and more patterns I want to knit!  There is simply not enough time to knit as much as I’d like to!

What are your 2022 goals?  I hope you feel inspired to start working on them soon!

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