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A Homespun House Is Moving

I don’t often make announcements regarding independent yarn dyers but I felt that this deserved one. When I tuned into Molly’s (the dyer behind A Homespun House) podcast a week or so ago, I was alarmed to see a podcast entitled “BIG news.”  I immediately watched it and…

….found out that Molly and her family are moving back to Germany.



When I first heard of A Homespun House, years ago, it was based in Germany.  Considering how much shipping costs and how long it takes to get to the U.S. from Europe, I never considered ordering from abroad.

But then Molly and her family moved to the States.  I began watching her podcast and ordered a skein of yarn.  Of course, in the process of watching her podcast, I found more of her colorways that I loved.  


Molly dyes beautiful yarn and knits at amazingly fast speeds – especially socks!  This is great because she knits with her own yarn so you can see just how gorgeous it is, all knitted up!  

And there are still some colorways I’m drooling over.  I may have to go ahead and get them! Molly is a very talented dyer!


A Homespun House will relocate to Germany in the spring, so if you want some of Molly’s yarn – without the crazy shipping fees from abroad – order soon!  There’s a good selection online, along with several clubs you can sign up for. 

Be sure to watch Molly’s social media posts and podcasts for more updates on the time frame of her big move. 


  • Sonja

    Hi Donia,
    I would love to try Molly’s yarn however, the yarns are quite pricey aren’t they?
    Before I purchase I would like to make sure to know her base yarns details. For example, microns which is very important for me.
    Some dyer says the yarn is so soft but the micron is 21~22. I would prefer to get 19ish micron yarns. If you know the details about Molly’s yarn can you please give me any advice before I purchase? I already contacted and asked her but I still haven’t any reply from her ;(
    Thank you!

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