A Homespun House

A Homespun House

Today’s featured independent dyer is a delightful shop, A Homespun House.  Molly, who recently moved back home to the United States after spending ten years in Germany, has created a lovely line of colorways that are truly unique.  Her yarn is simply scrumptious and it’s a pleasure to tell you all about it today.


A Homespun House yarn is available in a variety of bases.  When you shop, you can pick your colorway and then choose a base from a drop-down menu.  Bases include:

Soft Sock Fingering (75/25)

Plump Merino Fingering  (80/20)

Plump BFL (80/20)

Merino Tweed Fingering (95% Merino, 5% Tweed)

Dale (100% Merino)

Gold Stellina (75/10/5)

Merino Singles (100% Superwash Merino)

Merino/Cashmere (70% Merino/20% Cashmere/10% nylon)

Silky Merino (50/50)

Sily Mohair (70 Mohair/30 Silk)

Soft Sock DK (75/25)

Tweed DK (95% Merino, 5% Tweed)

Dale DK  (100% Merino)

Plump Merino Chunky (80/20)

Singles Chunky (Superwash)

Merino/Cashmere DK (70% Merino/20% Cashmere/10% nylon) (new- in the shop soon)

A Homespun House


Molly’s colorways are spectacular.  They are bright, happy, and super fun!  There are tons of speckled colorways to choose from (it’s hard to find only one to love) and there are also tweeds and tonals.  Molly is a Harry Potter fan so you’ll find a lot of colorways inspired by those wizarding characters in her store.

A Homespun House also offers a mystery club color every month, based on a picture Molly posts ahead of time.


Colorways come and go in the shop quite frequently so, if you spy something that disappears, it will likely be back soon.  

Ease of Shopping

The website for A Homespun House is super easy to use.  And on a side note, I love the logo!

A Homespun House

Shipping Costs

Molly’s shipping costs are reasonable.  I’m definitely glad that she’s back in the U.S. after her time in Germany.  Overseas shipping is outrageous, after all.


Molly has a wonderful podcast, filled with her knitting and yarn.  She knits socks so incredibly fast that she makes me jealous! She’s also very active on Instagram.  

I’ve been longing to purchase several skeins from A Homespun House (because I need more stash).  Every time Molly posts a sock picture, I want to go shopping on her site.  Go check it out; I’m sure you’ll find something to love as well.

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