My name is Donia, and I’m The Indie Yarn Stasher.  Welcome!


I am a yarn lover and a knitter.  My favorite part of knitting is watching the color play of the fiber.  As I’ve grown into a more adventurous knitter, I’ve stashed some gorgeous yarn by independent dyers.  I want to tell you all about these talented entrepreneurs – so that you can fall in love with their yarn, too!

After growing up in Texas, I learned to knit while spending two years in Michigan for graduate school.  When I moved back to Texas for work, I looked desperately for a local yarn store equal to the ones I’d found in Michigan.  There were very few, so I turned to online stores to get my yarn.  Over the years, I have noticed more and more indie dyers popping up online and on Etsy.  There is so much amazing talent and gorgeous yarn out there, y’all!

I now live near Fort Worth, Texas with my husband, Matt, and our three cats, Sidious, Dooku, and Zeus.  We are a geeky (him) and nerdy (me) family.  We love to travel, eat Mexican food, and watch all things Star Wars and Star Trek.  When I’m not knitting, you’ll find me doing other crafty things like making cards and scrapbooking, working out, baking, and reading.