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Advent Knitting 2021

After thinking I wasn’t in the holiday mood, I forced myself to get into the mood and knitting with Christmas-y yarns always helps!  So I’ve cast on several Advent knitting projects and may have even one more to start in the next week or so.   So much knitting…

Advent Calendars

Despite casting on several projects, I’ve decided to wait on knitting with my Advent calendars.  As I’ve mentioned, I have two calendars this year – from Murray Wool Goods and Blush Yarns.  I’m thoroughly enjoying opening them each day.  These are two very talented dyers and the colorways are gorgeous!

But I want to see all the colorways together before I decide on what projects to knit with these calendars.  I’m a bit too OCD to cast on a project and throw the colors together without any rhyme or reason.

Advent Projects

And so I’m knitting several things….

First, I have my Advent Socks from The Cozy Knitter’s Advent Skein.  This is my second year getting this skein that has 24 stripes for every day of Advent.  And it’s so much fun!

the cozy knitter
And because I wanted another pair of socks, I also cast on a pair using a Christmas colorway from Must Stash Yarns called Hard Candy Christmas.  The striping pattern in this yarn is about the same as The Cozy Knitter’s so I’m knitting one stripe a day on these, too.   So much fun!

In 2020, I bought a Christmas box from October House Yarns and in it was a full skein of my favorite colorway from October House’s 2019 Advent calendar: Joyeux Noel.  I’ve been itching to make something with this skein of yarn.  And though socks were the obvious choice, this yarn deserves something better than socks.  I settled on Purl Soho’s Crosshatch Cowl – but I’m taking some liberties with the pattern to make it work with fingering weight yarn.  

October House box

And, as I said, I may have to cast on another pair of socks once I get a non-Advent pair off my needles.  I have the yarn wound and ready to go!  

Paper Crafts

On the non-knitting side of things, I’m once again doing December Daily, as made popular by the incredible Ali Edwards.  I have the album and all the stuff….but I still haven’t actually started it.  Again – I need more holiday spirit. I anticipate getting started on this next week!  

I hope your Advent projects are bringing you joy!

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