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ALL the Cast-Ons

You know how it is.  When you just want to cast on all the projects!  I’m in that boat now and I really don’t care.  I’ve wound so much yarn lately….and I may wind more, still!  Yet, even as I cast on more and more projects, I can’t help but think of others that I long to start…


My goals for 2022…..  I’m wanting to knit tons of Christmas socks for next year so I need to start now.  And I have….well, I’ve wound the yarn.  So that’s definitely a priority.

I’ve decided to take part in the Love in Stitches membership MAL for February, which is a colorwork cowl.  Do I need more cowls?  No.  But this project uses minis or scraps and I just couldn’t pass it up.  I’m using scraps and am super excited to be knitting colorwork again.


One of my Christmas skeins that I’ll make socks out of for next year is DK….  So I need to practice knitting DK socks.  Practice may not be the right word – but I need to make sure I have the gauge right.  So why not start a different pair of DK socks before attempting my Christmas DK socks?  Sounds completely logical….

More and More

I’ve knit some gifts lately that have left me with some yarn scraps that I’m longing to knit with – specifically scrappy socks.  But is that really something that I should concentrate on now?  

Also, I really want to knit a pair of bright, Spring-y socks for me and I have all this yarn….

There’s still my Christmas cowl, using October House Yarn, that I’m working on here and there, along with my second Habitation Throw.  Yet I can’t stop thinking of other things I long to knit..

Dream Knitting

I cannot wait to knit some colorwork mittens…  And I want to do a Selbu mitten class.  That was something I wanted to do in February but it will have to wait until work calms down a bit….

And don’t get me started on the shawls I’d like to knit.   

There is never enough time for all the knitting!

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