Almost Rose Garden Socks

Almost Rose Garden Socks

Several months ago, Tara of Crystal Tea Knits asked me to do another test knit for her.  I was only too happy to oblige!  The Rose Garden Socks looked adorable!  Unfortunately, I was dealing with some family issues at the time and, though I remembered my socks, I forgot Tara’s pattern.  So, I had to continue on with a mostly vanilla sock, though I did manage to incorporate Tara’s colorwork.  

Though these did not turn out as expected, they’re adorable!  

The Yarn

Earlier this year, I used a beloved skein of Hedgerow Yarn for some socks.  I’d had this yarn for years and loved knitting with it, finally!  But I had so much leftover that I decided to use this yarn for these socks.  And I’m so glad I did because I wouldn’t want any of it to go to waste!

The minis are from various sources including my Advent from Blush Yarns and a mini set from Stress Knits.

The Pattern 

Tara’s sock patterns are always a delight to knit!  This pattern, if I had been able to follow it precisely, is adorable.  My only complaint is that I do not enjoy knitting the lacy cuff (which I’ve done before) – but that’s just because the stitches give me issues; it looks so sweet when finished.


Pattern:  Vanilla Socks and Rose Garden Socks by Crystal Tea Knits

Yarn: Hedgerow Yarns High Twist Sock in Meadowsweet; various minis

Needles: US 1 (2.25 mm)

Made for: me   

Time to Completion:  4.5 weeks

Almost Rose Garden Socks

These socks are a great idea if you’re wanting to use up scrap yarn.  You can use any type of yarn – variegated, solid, speckled…  You’ll get fabulous results any way you knit them!  And Tara’s patterns are always fun!

This sock includes a Heel Flap and Gusset but you could easily change out the heel of your choice.  

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