Altitude Socks

Altitude Socks

I don’t always enjoy knitting patterned socks.  Vanilla socks are so much fun and mindless….  Every once in a while, however, I want the variety of a pattern in my sock knitting.  And when I want this, I always turn to Helen Stewart first.  Her patterns are always so well written – and this pattern is no exception.  Her Altitude Socks were such a fun knit!

The Yarn

When Helen released this pattern, she used yarn from Olann, a yarn dyer I had only heard of once or twice.  But I loved the colorway that Helen used and went in search of it.  I found it in Canada and was more than happy to pay a bit more for shipping to get some of this delectable yarn.  (And Olann is slightly addictive as I bought more than this one skein!!)

For the contrast mini, I had to look a bit harder but finally found a mini set from Chasing Rabbits that included the perfect brown!

The Pattern 

Though I love Helen’s patterns, some are very complicated with cables and knit-together stitches than hurt my fingers.  This one was a lot simpler – and so much fun to knit!  It especially helped that the patterned portion of the sock was on the leg – and I knit a short leg!

Altitude Socks


Pattern:  Altitude Socks  by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade

Yarn:  Olann Sock Lite

Colorways: Crypt

Mini Contrast Yarn: Chasing Rabbits Fern (colorway unknown)

Needles: US 1 (2.25 mm)

Made for: me

Time to Completion: 1 month

The heel of this sock was one of the best I’ve ever done and I’ll likely come back to it again and again!  Helen Stewart is just too good!  

Overall, these socks were so much fun to knit!  I loved the yarn and the contrast color so much!  I can’t recommend Olann enough!  And Helen Stewart never disappoints!

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