Ambient Socks

Ambient Socks

Late last year, my mom asked for a pair of shortie, airy socks.  Living in Texas means that we don’t always want or need the standard knitted wool sock.  My preference is almost always for shortie socks, but sometimes I just can’t pass up knitting a normal leg with beautiful, hand dyed yarn.  Anyway, when I got this request, I looked to Helen Stewart and found a lovely pattern to knit – her Ambient Socks.

Let me tell you more….

The Yarn

Long Dog Yarn used to dye a monthly colorway and I just had to have this one, back in May of 2018.  I don’t often gravitate towards blues but aquas sometimes appeal to me, and this one sure did, with pink speckles!  You know I cannot resist speckles!

When talking with my mom about colorways I had in my stash, she mentioned turquoise/bluish green and I knew this one would be perfect for her.  After all, she loves pink as well!

The Pattern

When thinking of a lacey sock pattern, I knew I had only to look at Helen Stewart’s Sock Society patterns to find the right one.  I had knit one for myself not long ago that would work, but I always like trying new things.  So I settled upon the Ambient Sock pattern as it looked especially lovely.

Ambient Socks


Pattern:  Ambient Socks by Helen Stewart (Sock Society 3)

Yarn:  Long Dog Yarn Bounce Sock

Colorways: May 2018 colorway

Needles: US 1 (2.25 mm)

Made for: my mom

Time to Completion: 3 weeks

This pattern was a lot of fun to knit.  It was just enough involved to keep you engaged and happy.  Plus, since I was knitting shortie socks, I only ever had to worry about half the stitches being knit in pattern.  That’s always nice!  

This Long Dog yarn was lovely to knit with.  In fact, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t knit a pair of these for myself!  That’s the beauty of shortie socks – you can usually get two pairs from a skein of yarn!  

I can’t recommend this pattern and yarn enough!

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