Wool and Vinyl

August Swap

I’ve talked before about joining Knitty Natty’s Love in Stitches membership.  One of the benefits of this knitting community is frequent access to yarn swaps, if you wish to participate.  And I’m not one to turn down a good swap!  My first one, in July, consisted of yarn and a project bag.  The August swap was a bit different….

Mandi’s Makings, an indie yarn dyer, has popularized something called Share-A-Pair skeins of yarn.  These are two 50g skeins of yarn in coordinating colors with which you knit a pair of socks.  (Kay, the Crazy Sock Lady, does fabulous things with this yarn)  The idea is that you buy two sets of these Share-A-Pair….to share a set with a knitting friend so you both make the same socks.  

These Share-A-Pairs are so popular that they sell out in minutes.  (I’ve never managed to get one but I also have never set an alarm to try to purchase one the minute they go on sale.)  For our August Love in Stitches Swap, we made our own Share-A-Pair sets and traded with a partner.  

The great thing about this swap is that it wasn’t a secret.  You talked about color choices with your partner so you knew you were getting something you loved.  It was also encouraged to use stash yarn – so no running to a LYS to get yarn!  

What I Sent

My partner loves fall colors – and no pastels.  I have plenty of red/orange skeins of yarn but knew I’d have trouble finding coordinating solid-color skeins.  My first choice for my partner was a skein of EuphoriaKnits yarn – pictured here – called Arachnophobia.  And I just happened to have some coordinating orange yarn from Candy Skein. For a mini skein to go along with it, I wound some Cat Sandwich yarn, which has gotten much love.


My partner seemed to really like the set and we casted on socks together – in honor of the beginning of fall.  So much fun!!

What I Received

My partner’s first choice for me is what I chose – two skeins of yarn from Wool and Vinyl, a new-t0-me dyer, which was perfect!  And these yarns are beautiful!  I’m so very tempted to get more yarn from Wool and Vinyl now!  My coordinating mini skein was perfect – bright pink!  

Wool and Vinyl

As soon as I finish our fall socks, I’m going to cast on socks with my yarn.  I can’t wait to see how it knits up!


I love these swaps so much, I wish they happened every month!  I know I don’t need more yarn…..but most of the fun of these swaps is meeting new people in the Love in Stitches membership!  

And you can never have too much yarn!

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