Battenberg Blanket

Battenberg Blanket Update

It’s been a while since I devoted time to talking with you about my Battenberg Blanket.  If you remember, I learned to crochet specifically for this project. I fell in love with this scrappy blanket, mostly because of the neutral squares that helped tone down all the colorful squares.  In the end, I just had to make it.

I knew it would take years to make, and that’s okay!


With the help of YouTube (the designer of the blanket, Sandra Paul, has very good tutorials), I learned how to make the little crocheted squares that make up the Battenberg Blanket.  It just so happened that around the same time, my mom was relearning how to crochet, so she problem-solved when I had a dilemma.  

One of the other reasons this project appealed to me was the fact that I could use scrap yarn for the colored squares.  I hate throwing away yarn so this would help me use up those little bits here and there.  So off I went, crocheting lots of colorful squares.  

For my neutral color, I held out on buying yarn until we went on our vacation to Montana last year.  There, I picked out a bare yarn at Polka Dot Sheep.  This way, I’ll always remember that trip when I use this blanket!

And off I went, making neutral squares to go along with my colorful ones.

Battenberg Blanket


I am by no means done with my little squares.  But.  I was slowly but surely getting very scared about having to crochet all these little squares together.  Since I’m not a proficient crocheter, the very thought of this task overwhelmed me.  

But one day, I tuned into Sandra Paul’s YouTube channel and watched her tutorial on connecting all these little squares.  After about two squares, I was hooked!  I loved it!  Putting all of them together is more fun than crocheting the little squares!  Unbelievable! 


Now, I’m assembling the blanket faster than I can turn out the correct colors of squares!  I’m not being overly particular about colored square placement but I don’t want to repeat colors just yet so I need to make more!

If you’ve thought about making this blanket, stop waiting and just start!  It’s so much fun and just an outright joy to make! 

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