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Battenberg Blanket

I don’t crochet.  I can barely use a crochet hook to pick up stitches.  I don’t really like the look of anything crocheted and have never had any interest in learning how to do it.  (Though, I did take a basic crochet class once, in the hopes of learning how to pick up those stitches just a bit easier.)  Until now.  

I’ve fallen hard for the Battenberg Blanket from Sandra Paul and may just have to figure out how to use that darned hook after all!

Scrappy Blanket

Recently, I was listening to one of my favorite podcasters, Dunder Knits, who mentioned being a bit obsessed with crocheting granny squares for a blanket.  That blanket was the Battenberg Blanket.  When I saw that blanket – well, it was love at first sight.

battenberg blanket crochet
© Sandra Paul

Now, to give you a bit of background….  Many knitters knit or crochet blankets with leftover yarn – hence the scrappy blanket reference.  It’s a great idea and, as you know, I have tons of yarn scraps.  But most granny square blankets – the knitted ones – look a bit messy to me.  There’s no rhyme or reason to the squares and I don’t really find them to be pretty…though I love the idea.


And then I saw Sandra Paul’s Battenberg.  The idea of using one neutral color to unite all those little squares….  Combined with the delicate stitch definition that goes throughout the entire blanket….  And the border – the gorgeous border all the way around….  Well, that solves the messy problem in my OCD brain.  

battenberg blanket crochet
© Sandra Paul

Sandra Paul originally knit this to fit a king-sized bed.  Can you even imagine knitting – er, crocheting – that many squares?!  


To get that delicate stitch that unites all the squares, I have to learn how to crochet a little square.  Thankfully, Sandra has a tutorial.  But since my crochet class was 10 years ago, I don’t even know basic crochet terminology.  

So….can I teach myself to knit these little squares via YouTube?  I think I’m going to have to try…  Stay tuned!

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