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Bee’s Inc.

I mentioned last week that I had the unique opportunity of visiting multiple yarn stores on our cruise to New England and Canada.  Today I’m going to tell you about one of those yarn stores, Bee’s Yarns, Sweaters, and Candy (or, Bee’s Inc, as it’s alternatively listed online) in Bar Harbor, Maine. This was our first stop on the cruise and I wasn’t sure if we’d have enough time to walk to Bee’s – but we did!  And it was a delightful experience.

The Store

Getting to the store was easy enough.  Bar Harbor is small and very walkable. After our tour of Acadia, we walked along the waterfront and then back up Main Street to see all the stores.  We didn’t do much shopping – it was packed with two cruise ships in town – but it was so much fun getting to explore this gorgeous New England town. And going to Bee’s got us off the main drag, which was greatly appreciated.  

Once there, Matt sat outside on a bench – so nicely placed for the husbands of yarnies – while I explored the contents of the store.  When I walked in, I was immediately greeted by a woman – the owner, presumably – behind the counter who was knitting. I knew I was in the right place! 

The first room of the shop is all candy and finished sweaters and knits.  The back two rooms are filled with yarn!

Bee's Inc
The Yarn

Bee’s offers more yarn than I expected, given that it doesn’t sell yarn exclusively.  Since I’m on a hand-dyed yarn kick, I immediately started looking for something that caught  my eye.

There are shelves and shelves of yarn.  Plymouth, Elsabeth Lavold, Queensland Collection, Cascade Yarns, JaggerSpun, Araucania, Ella Rae, and Done Roving Yarns!  I must admit that the reason I wanted to come was for the latter. I bought a skein of Done Roving in Portland earlier this year and wanted more!  And this time I fell hard for a skein of variegated Frolicking Feet – with yellows and greys on a natural base. Lovely!

When I checked out, the owner (?) was super nice and told me all about the dyer behind Done Roving, which is a locally dyed yarn.  

Bee's Inc


Visit Bee’s at:

59 Cottage Street

Bar Harbor, ME 04609

Bee’s is a lovely store that you should visit whenever you happen to be in Bar Harbor.  I’d love to have this store in my neighborhood!  

Though I didn’t look too much at the candy, it was all very reasonably priced and the chocolate looked amazing!  So, what more could you want?! Yarn and candy! That means that you can bring you spouse and kids on your yarn expedition to Bee’s!  It has stuff for the entire family! And a super friendly staff to help with your every need!  


  • Barbara

    I’m on the New England-Canada cruise now and would love to know names of yarn shops in St John, Halifax and Sydney. Didn’t have time to do my homework! Went to Bee’s years ago and am looking forward to returning. Thanks for your help. Just found you today! Very timely.

    • doniaadmin

      The Mariner’s Daughter in Lunenburg (Halifax stop) is a must! Have a Yarn in Mahone Bay (also Halifax) – I couldn’t get there because we were too early in the day. The Loop in downtown Halifax. And Baadeck Yarn in Baddeck, Nova Scotia – though I didn’t get to that one either due to being on a tour. Enjoy! And let me know where you go!

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