Birdstreet Advent

Birdstreet Advent – First 10 Days

My 25-day yarn Advent Calendar from Birdstreet Yarn is so much lovelier than I expected.  Each day is such a joy and I cannot wait to share the first ten days of yarn with you!  

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The Calendar

How lovely are these first ten days!  These colors are just beautiful!!


I cannot believe a dyer had the foresight to have the full skein unveiled on the first day!  This is such a novel concept and I love it!

Here are the colorway names….

1 – Bare Naked (and it’s scrumptious!)

2 – Christmas Wrapping 

3 – Baby Please Come Home

4 – Stop the Cavalry

5 – Wonderful Christmastime

6 – War is Over/Peace on Earth

7 – Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

8 – A Spaceman Came Traveling

9 – Merry XMas Everybody

10 – 2000 Miles


I love these colors – they are on theme as to what the inspiration photo indicated and I adore it!  The pinks, teals, purples, and blues are just glorious!

Given the neutral, full skein, I’d love to find a huge shawl pattern for this calendar that will use that full skein in between the mini skeins.  I do so love my big shawls!  As usual, I will wait until January before I try to start anything with this yarn, as I like to re-arrange the colors! 

(Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see these mini skeins unveiled the day I open them!)


If you’re unwrapping an Advent goodie each day, I hope it’s bringing you joy!  And please let me know if you know of any shawl patterns that would work with this Advent!

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