Blush Yarns advent calendar

Blush Yarns 2021 Advent Calendar

Yes, I had two Advent calendars this year (the other one was from Murray Wool Goods).  And that was well thought out and planned.  Kind of.  I wanted to knit with one of the calendars and then design something with the other.  Now, I’m wavering on the designing part.  Alas, I chose to buy the Blush Yarns Advent Calendar relatively last minute with these thoughts in mind.  I had always wanted to buy some yarn from Nataly, the dyer behind Blush and thought this would be a good way to get a taste of her dyeing style.  And I’m so glad I did!

The Calendar

This Advent calendar consists of 25 mini skeins and an optional project bag.  I did not get the project bag, thinking that I didn’t need any more bags….  And then I saw podcasters open the bag and regretted that decision.  

Blush Yarns Advent calendar

The yarn in the calendar is gorgeous!  I’ll always gravitate toward pinks and purples and speckles and there were plenty of both in this calendar.  I love some of these colorways!  And every single one was a joy to open!

The Extras

Nataly included some very thoughtful extras in her Advent calendar.  There was an adorable stitch marker of a piece of cake.  One day included a handmade fabric coaster, which I adore.   On the last day there was a lovely wool wash that smells amazing.  And also included was some hand balm/moisturizer.  I really enjoyed the thoughtfulness of these extras.


I don’t know if I want to make a really big shawl with this yarn or two cowls.  And I’m still on the fence about actually designing something.   I’m not so good about actually writing the patterns I create.  

But I’m so glad I purchased this calendar.  I truly love the colors and Nataly is, indeed, a very talented dyer! 


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