Brazen Stitchery

Brazen Stitchery

I first happened upon Brazen Stitchery yarn several years ago at a DFW Fiber Fest.  The booth was filled with deliciously bright, vibrant skeins of yarn and the people were super friendly.  I was immediately drawn to the bright colors – and couldn’t resist touching everything.

Brazen Stitchery is made by Stacey and Penny in a place not too far from me – Burleson, Texas.  It’s always a joy finding talented Texas dyers!


Brazen has many, many great bases with which to knit your favorite items, including…

Duet Sock (80/20)

Harmony Sock (75/25)

Paparazzi Sock ((75/20/5 other)

Medley Sock (100% Merino)

Harmony DK (100% Merino)

Harmony BFL (75/25)

MCN High Twist Sock (80/10/10)

Silky Lace (80% Merino/20% Silk)

SW Merino Lace (100% Merino)

Merino Worsted (100% Merino)

Brazen Stitchery District 12


What immediately drew me to Brazen Stitchery was the vibrant, rich colors.  I picked up a skein the first time I entered the booth – and then another one the following year.  And every single year, I’m drawn to the same colorways! At least I’m consistent!

Brazen also offers lovely self-striping yarns.  These are so very colorful and lively!


Brazen Stitchery has a booth at many, many fiber fests in Texas and the surrounding states.  They also have a website and an Etsy store. Both are almost always have a large selection of beautiful yarn!  They also offer a monthly colorway.

Ease of Shopping

The Brazen Stitchery website is a little clunky but the Etsy shop is super easy to use.

Brazen Stitchery Website

Shipping Costs

When ordering online, the Brazen shipping costs are about normal – though maybe a dollar or so more than some places. 


Brazen Stitchery is a fantastic Texas dyer.  They have always been super friendly at DFW Fiber Fest.  Be sure to follow them on Instagram as they frequently post updates and pictures of their gorgeous yarn!

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