Cat Sandwich Fibers

Cat Sandwich Fibers

Cat Sandwich Fibers is hand-dyed and labeled by MJ, a nurse and fiber lover.  This business is a labor of love for MJ. Her skeins are beautifully dyed but they are not easy to get a hold of.  I have the greatest respect for dyers who have a day job – but dye yarn because they love it so much.  

Each skein is a treasure and I always love seeing what colors MJ dyes up!


Not all of these bases are offered in every update but these have been sold in the past….

Trustie – Fingering (75% Merino/25% Nylon)

Glitzie – Fingering (Merino/Nylon/Stellina)

Trustie DK – DK (75% Merino/25% Nylon)

Twistie – Fingering (80% Merino/20% Nylon)

Smoothie – Fingering (100% Merino)

Mightie – Light Fingering (BFL/Nylon)

Toughie – Fingering (BFL)

Skinnie  – Fingering (100% Merino)


Cat Sandwich specializes in speckled, multi-colored colorways.  They are delicious, to say the least. I fell hard for all these speckledy skeins.  Once you browse the colorways, I’m sure you will, too!

Cat Sandwich Fibers


Cat Sandwich is truly an independent dyer with very limited stock updates. MJ is one of those dyers that you wait for an update and set your phone alarm for five minutes before the update.  No joke. Her yarn sells out fast!  

Ease of Shopping

The Cat Sandwich site is easy to use.  You can sign up for the newsletter, which is a must to find out about shop updates, and that will get you a small discount on your first order.  

Cat Sandwich Fibers

Shipping Costs

Shipping is reasonable.  And fast! I was surprised at how quickly I had the yarn that I ordered, which is always nice!


MJ is a great addition to the independent yarn dying industry.  Her skeins are so unique and beautiful. Be sure to watch this dyer because you will treasure her skeins of yarn for your most favorite projects.  And follow her on Instagram to see more of her beautiful yarn!

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