Chasing Rabbits Fiber

Chasing Rabbits Fiber

As you know by now, I love finding independent yarn dyers in my home state of Texas.  And today I have another one to share with you: Chasing Rabbits Fiber Co.  I first happened upon a skein of this yarn years ago in my LYS and was blown away by the vibrant colors.  I soon learned that Dawn Barker, the dyer behind Chasing Rabbits, definitely has an eye for color!  At the Hill Country Weavers Retreat (virtual) this year, I was able to take some classes from Dawn and she is a lovely person and a fantastic teacher! 

Let me tell you more about her yarn…


Chasing Rabbits is dyed on several bases, including…

Gossamer (Lace – 70% Mohair/30% Silk)

Fern (Fingering – 85/15)

Solo (Fingering – 100% Merino)

Remy (Fingering – 100% BFL)

Merino Lux DK (100% Merino)

Chasing Rabbits Fiber


Dawn is adding more and more stockists for her yarn!  Check to see if one is near you.  If not, there is always a great selection of yarn on the Chasing Rabbits website.  

Ease of Shopping

The Chasing Rabbits website is easy to use and Dawn’s photography of her yarn is excellent.  

Shipping Costs

When shopping from the Chasing Rabbits website, shipping is reasonable.

Chasing Rabbits


Dawn is a very talented dyer.  I have bought her yarn and received some in my Hill Country Weavers Retreat swag bag.  It is all very lovely.  Be sure to follow her on social media to see what glorious colorways she is dyeing up.  

Also, Dawn is designs lovely patterns to so be sure to look at those on Ravelry! 


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