Christmas Socks

Christmas Socks 2022

Around this time last year, I had a crazy idea (crazy for me, that is).  I thought it would be really cool to make Christmas socks for my parents, in-laws, and husband (I have plenty of them, of course).  The idea came with a little tradition I started of giving everyone a gift at Thanksgiving to kick off the Christmas season.  So why not socks!?  

All of these socks, except one, have been posted here as FOs.  But I had to lie about the recipients of the socks, as many of my family members read this blog.  I’ll link the FOs below!


Despite loving the holiday season, I don’t have much holiday yarn in my stash – especially traditional holiday colored yarn.  I’m not a big red or green person.  So when I decided to knit these socks, I had to go about finding the perfect yarn for every person. It was a very fun task, to say the least! 

For my hubby, I chose a traditional self-striping red and green yarn from Zebra Yarns (with a bare heel, toe, and cuff).  These socks are just too adorable!

For my mother-in-law, who loves green, I used a skein from Murray Wool Goods that I bought, thinking of her, a year ago.  These socks are less traditional but I think she’ll love them!  For my father-in-law, I found some lovely self-striping yarn from Color Me Sheepish with traditional colors but with the addition of brown.  Very manly!  

My mother loves pink.  So when I happened upon seeing a yarn from Coloring Book Yarns on Instagram, I went searching in people’s Ravelry stashes for a skein.  These are, perhaps, my favorite!  And for my dad, I used my coveted self-striping yarn from Must Stash Yarn, in the Elf’d and Holly Jolly colorways.  I’ll share these with you next week!  

Christmas Socks


I’ve only knit socks for me, my mother-in-law, and my mom.  We all wear the same size shoe, making things super easy.  So when I had to figure out how to knit socks for three men, it was a bit of a challenge. 

To make things easier on myself, I started with my husband so he could try his on as I went.  Yes, this ruined the surprise but he already forgot what these looked like when he received them.  His dad’s feet were similar to his so I felt confident knitting his up.

The real challenge came with my dad, whose feet swell.  I had to do some serious math to make sure the stitch count was correct and had to decrease the foot since the leg needed to be bigger.  Fingers crossed they fit well! (I’ll share more about these next week!)


Honestly, this was so much fun!  The challenge of knitting five pairs of Christmas socks throughout the year kept me on my knitting toes!  And now, I keep seeing Christmas colorways that I’d love to knit!  (And I may have bought a few!)  So I may be doing this again in a few years! 

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