Coloring Book Christmas socks

Coloring Book Christmas Socks

I’m almost done with my Christmas socks, but not quite yet.  How it’s gotten to be September and I’m still not done….wow!  After this I only have one more pair….well, maybe two but definitely only one more that I must make.  This pair that I’m sharing with you today is especially fun, with adorable yarn from Coloring Book Yarns.  

Let me give you all the details!

The Yarn

When I went searching for Christmas yarns, I knew that self-striping yarns would be something I wouldn’t be able to pass up.  And this colorway – which includes pink – was impossible to resist.  Coloring Book doesn’t appear to be dyeing yarn anymore, which is incredibly sad because this dyer is so talented!

The Pattern 

I knit these using my favorite new method, using two circular needles per sock.  For this, I used videos from The Crazy Sock Lady, along with her pattern.  I can’t believe how much I enjoy this method of sock knitting!  


Pattern:  Vanilla Socks on Magic Loop by The Crazy Sock Lady Designs

Yarn: Coloring Book Yarns Sock in Vintage Holiday; random red mini skein

Needles: US 1 (2.25 mm)

Made for: me   

Time to Completion:  3.5 weeks

Coloring Book Christmas socks

I cannot get over how much I adore this colorway.  It makes me so happy!  The pink and the light green….  It is just too adorable!

Generally, I knit vanilla socks when using self-striping yarn because, why not?  Let those stripes speak for themselves!  For the heel, I did my favorite Eye of Partridge Heel.  I almost always use that heel for my socks, except if I’m knitting socks for men (and then I use the standard slip-stitch heel).  

For the toes and cuff, I found a red mini to use for a bit of contrast.  I always like doing this for self-striping yarn. And yes, the stripes get uneven at the heel, but since I don’t like afterthought heels, it’s just something I’ve come to live with.

I love these socks!

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