COVID Check-In

How are you?  How are you holding up?  2021 has been a bit disappointing so far.  I honestly hadn’t thought past 2020 in regards to COVID so I’m now officially tired of it all.  I’m trying to stay distracted by knitting and crafts….  But we’ve all been doing that for a year now.


I’m trying to remain hopeful that the vaccines will make life resume to a mostly-normal cadence by summer.  But the variants and waves affecting different parts of the world are troubling, to say the least.  I hope, as the vaccines become more readily available worldwide, these surges in cases will slow down.  Of course, that means that we all have to do our part and get vaccinated when we can.


We’re staying distracted, partly, by planning some travel for summer.  And oh, how I’ve missed travel planning.  Sure, we had our trip to Colorado in October, but that was a destination we know very well.  We’re now planning trips to see new places.  

When we thought about what travel seemed attractive this summer, we contemplated going to our favorite all-inclusive in Mexico.  But then we realized that after sitting at home for a year, sitting on the beach didn’t sound all that appealing.  We want to explore and see brand new sights.  And eat at new-to-us restaurants.  Never has there been a time when new and different sounded more appealing!


I must say that this pandemic has given me a  new appreciation for my favorite craft.  When I get down or anxious, my knitting is always there to distract me and bring me joy.  Those speckles in the yarn are so uplifting and joyful to me, I cannot even tell you.


Though I haven’t been spending much money during the pandemic, I have certainly bought yarn.  Possibly too much yarn!  But at least I’m using it and finding joy in it all.  What’s bringing you joy?


I should probably do more reading and try to get lost in a good novel in order to make time pass faster this spring.  I’m that anxious to travel and get away.  

But we can’t let our guard down, yet!  Be vigilant, be safe, and be healthy!

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