Dream Knitting

Why is it that whenever I’m in the midst of a big knitting project – usually a shawl – all I can dream about is everything else I want to knit?  I know I’m not the only one but why can’t we be satisfied with what we’re currently making, instead of dreaming of something else?  Now, I can argue, quite fervently, that every knitter with a stash needs to be thinking about the next project in order to – obviously – knit up some of that stash!

Some gifts must be knit this year: two pairs of socks and probably something else.  Plus I’d really like at least one pair of socks. So now I’m up to three pairs of socks.   But there are other things I’m dreaming of…

Oulu Mitts

Oulu Mitts by Caitlin Hunter

These beauties have been on my mind for quite some time.  I generally don’t like colorwork mitts because your fingers get twisted in the carried yarn strands when you slip the glove on but….  These are just gorgeous and would force me to knit a thumb, which is something I’ve been avoiding.

I even found a color combination with which I have, literally, dreamed of knitting.  But I’m not buying yarn right now.

©Helen Stewart

Habitation Throw by Helen Stewart

I’ve thought about how best to use my Advent Calendar and this pattern keeps coming back to my  mind. It’s just gorgeous and mine would be similar, with October House Yarn’s delicate calendar colors.  

Surely when you dream of knitting something, that means you should knit it, right?  The only thing that scares me about this project is how long it would take. But then anything that uses the entire calendar will take a while.

©Maxim Cyr

The Snuggle Is Real by Maxim Cyr

The Grocery Girls talked about this pattern and I’ve been smitten every since.  I have no idea how to knit a lining but….it’s lined! How cool is that?! And the color combinations….  Oh, I really want to try it!

I would need yarn, though, since it uses DK and my stash is very low in DK weight yarn…..  So I can’t do this anytime soon.  


There are not enough hours in the day.  I’m loving knitting on the Allie Shawl; it is so gorgeous and fun.  But I can’t help but wonder about my next project!  

What are you dreaming of knitting?

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