Drowning in Projects

So….remember when I talked about being a monogamous knitter?  HA!  Well, no more.  I wish, in a way, that I could stick to only one project but it’s just not feasible.  I want to knit all the yarn and make all the projects….which means I’m drowning in projects.  And yarn, for that matter.  I mean…I’m dreaming of yarn and yarn stores….  And I even had borderline nightmares about putting together a kit for the Westknits MKAL, Shawlography.  Seriously!

Drowning in Projects

I always tend to overestimate my productivity.  (But then, I just finished a pair of socks in two weeks while also working on another pair.)  Usually, it doesn’t matter.  I have few deadlines with my knitting and I always try to finish my gift knitting super early.  But this is only my second year participating in the Westknits MKAL and I need to remember to completely right off October and November for that shawl.

And that leaves little time to finish up all the projects I need to finish so that I can concentrate on Shawlography.  Thankfully, again, there is no pressure with these projects….  Except for one Christmas gift.  

Drowning in Yarn

I spoke about using stash yarn for Shawlography but I wasn’t happy with anything I put together.  The problem is that I don’t have a lot of solid skeins in my stash.  So I ordered a kit.  But oh, how I agonized over that decision.  Matt was both confused by my struggle and the fact that none of my stash would work…but he was also hugely supportive when I decided to order a kit.  

sock yarn

But I’ve bought way too much yarn this year.  As I keep telling myself, I’m using more yarn than ever before.  And yarn doesn’t expire, after all!  I can use all of it when I’m retired and on a fixed income, right?  Right.  


Despite all of my second thoughts regarding too many projects and too much yarn, the fact remains that all of it brings me immense joy.  And there are so few things that do.  So I’m going to hold on to that joy and keep on knitting.  

Even if that means more projects, more socks, more yarn….  

What is bringing you joy these days?  Besides knitting, I’m looking forward to the change in seasons – i.e. cooler weather in Texas.  I’m also greatly enjoying college football, which we watch every Saturday with Matt’s parents.  It’s a wonderful tradition and one that we all cherish.

Stay safe and keep on knitting!

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