Ducky Darlings Yarn

Ducky Darlings Yarn

Not long ago, by watching a podcast from This Nanny Knits, I learned of a British dyer called Ducky Darlings Yarn.  While I can’t usually justify buying yarn from overseas dyers, I made an exception for this one.  Hayley dyes lovely colorways which I immediately adored.   She also creates Sister Sets of two 50g skeins of yarn that compliment each other, which are meant for socks. (These are like the Share-A-Pair sets from Mandi’s Making, which I’ve mentioned.)  

Hayley is so talented and I’m excited to tell you all about her yarn!


Hayley doesn’t have a ton of bases, but what she has is great.  These are…

Mohar/Silk (Lace – 72% Mohair/28% silk)

Superwash Merino Nylon (Fingering – 75/25)

Superwash Merino Nylon DK (75/25)

Superwash Merino/Yak/Nylon (Fingering – 70% Merino/20% Yak/10% Nylon)

Ducky Darlings Yarn


There’s always something on the Ducky Darlings website to drool over.  I stalked the site for quite some time before I settled on several Sister Sets I couldn’t live without!  

Hayley also sells sock tubes if you want to finish some socks in record time!  And if you’re still in need of an Advent calendar, Hayley still shows some available on her site (and yes, I was tempted!).

Ease of Shopping

The Ducky Darlings website is easy to use.  I always like knowing when something is sold out on the main page, as opposed to clicking on colorways, and this site is great for that.

Ducky Darlings Yarn

Shipping Costs

Shipping to the United States is not cheap, but it was as expected.  Be sure to subscribe to receive Hayley’s email because she does offer free international shipping occasionally.  And that’s a great deal!


I’m always so thrilled to find a new-to-me dyer and Hayley is an extremely talented dyer.  I can’t wait to see what colorways she dyes up next!  I only wish I could visit a yarn festival in the UK to see all her products in person!!

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