Elusive Sun Wrap

Elusive Sun Wrap

I recently talked about loving the Colorado edition of the By Hand serial.  My favorite pattern in the publication was the Elusive Sun Wrap, by Hilary Engebretson.  Though I have no idea when I’ll be able to knit another multi-skein shawl (since I have my Find Your Fade in progress now), I can’t help but want to put together a fade for this gorgeous shawl.  

Because picking out yarn is so much fun, right?!


Sunshine Yarns initially offered two kits for this shawl – a yellow (pictured) and green.  I was so tempted, by both. I love yellow but green goes so well with my complexion….

Peach is all the rage now.  And though I was super tempted to buy the Sunshine Yarns kits for this shawl, in my heart I wanted a peach fade.  And so I went about eyeing every peach yarn I saw. And then one of my favorite dyers came out with a Peach Collective…

Suburban Stitcher

At DFW Fiber Fest this year, I was so happy to see all of Dianne’s colors in person, especially those in her Peach Collective.  I saw some of them last year, but my brain just can’t remember explicit colors for that long. And there were two colors in particular that I wanted to see: Nudie Patootie and Peach Tea.  Dianne, the Suburban Stitcher herself helped me find the two colorways. And I loved them both. They were perfect for my peach fade!

But there needed to be a color between the two….

Voolenvine Yarns

I’ve eyed Voolenvine Yarns for quite some time.  And I’ve watched Kristin’s podcasts. But her yarn sells out so quickly; it is seriously hard to get.  And, in all honesty, I haven’t been drawn to many of Kristin’s colorways: they’re usually too dark for me.  

And then I saw Tea Leaves.  Let me tell you – I set my alarm and bought that yarn a minute after it posted.  And I love it.

Putting It Together

After purchasing the Suburban Stitcher Yarn, I realized that the skein of Voolenvine fit perfectly between the two SS skeins.  I mean, it’s too perfect for words!

Yarn fade

Now I only need one more color – the main color, which in the sample is brown.  I think I’m leaning towards doing a brown, as well. I think it will tie it all together.  But since I have no idea when I’ll be able to cast on for this shawl, I’m not in any hurry to find my brown.  

I’ll let you know my progress on this project.  But, in the meantime, just looking at the fade makes me so very happy!

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