Favorite Knitting Accessories Now

We all have our favorite knitting notions and tools that we reach for time and again.  But some new products have recently been added to my notions bag and I thought I’d share those with you today.  Considering how much time we spend knitting, we need all the help that we can get from fancy notions and tools!

ChaioGoo Twist Red Lace Interchangeable Needle Set

For my birthday in October, I was gifted a game changer: interchangeable needles from ChaioGoo.  It took me a while to jump on the ChaioGoo bandwagon but after getting so furious at the cables of other needles, I finally tried this brand that so many other knitters adore.  And now I’m a groupie, as well!  These are the best cables!  It was frustrating having to buy one-off needles for projects so this set (pictured above) was much needed!


I’d seen Flox Floops mentioned by my LYS and Stephen West….  And then I realized just how indispensable these are!  These tiny, flexible needles can be used in a variety of ways!  They’re the ultimate cable needle, the perfect stitch holder or marker, and the ideal way to pick up dropped stitches.  This is a tool I’ll always have to have handy.


Stitch Markers/Progress Keepers

No knitter can live without stitch markers and I’ve recently found some great ones on Etsy.  LunaFairyCat has some great simple stitch markers that won’t snag on your yarn.  (This is one of my pet peeves!)  Plus, they’re beautiful!

And for project keepers, I’m all about simple, as well – and snag free!  I found these on Etsy, from SaltwaterKnittingNL, and had to get some.  They do not disappoint.  Wherever you’re counting rows or using as a stitch marker, these are great!

For all the cat lovers out there, I stumbled upon the cutest project keepers from DuckandRabbit on Etsy.  Oh my goodness, these came in my stocking at Christmas and I can’t be more in love!  

Neck Light

These seem to be very popular amongst podcasters these days….  And I love mine!  These neck lights are so great, whether you’re knitting in the evening while watching TV or you just have a tricky stitch to pick up and need more light.  I love this light and it goes forever on one charge!  My only tiny complaint…my hair gets stuck in the flexible rubber.  But that’s only a small thing.


I’m sure I’ll find more invaluable tools and notions in the coming months so I’ll share them as I find them!  And….have you found any knitting tools you can’t live without?  Please let me know!

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