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I’m fairly new to podcasts.  Two years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to name one podcast, let alone a podcast about knitting.  But last year, I started to knit 1-2 days a week at lunch, in my office. Instead of sitting in silence, I decided to listen to a podcast.   Now, I’ve come to love some podcasts and can’t wait for new ones to come out.

The great thing about listening to and watching other knitters is gaining inspiration.  You see what others are knitting, the problems they’ve run into, and how their projects turned out.  You also learn – for better or worse – about different dyers, patterns, notions, bags, etc.

Right now, I have three favorite podcasts.  In no particular order, they are….

Suburban Stitcher

This was the first podcast I ever listened to.  I had learned about Dianne’s yarn via DFW Fiber Fest and soon found her podcast.  Since she’s from Texas, it’s especially fun to listen to. You get insider information on what’s going on in the Suburban Stitcher shop and events that Dianne is attending.  You also learn all about Dianne’s fabulous yarn and see it knitted up in all kinds of beautiful projects.

Because of Dianne’s podcast, I have bought way too much Suburban Stitcher yarn – and  yarn from other dyers that she talks about. Yes, listening to knitting podcasts may lead to unplanned yarn purchases!  

Grocery Girls

I can’t remember how I first came to listen to the Grocery Girls – Jodi and Tracie.  They are friends with Dianne of Suburban Stitcher, so it may have been because of that name-dropping.  Either way, I quickly came to love these two sisters from Canada. They are wonderful knitters – and pattern designers – and are so much fun to listen to!  

Jodi is also the creative genius behind Mrs. Brown’s Bags.  If you haven’t seen these adorable bags, you need to!

Knitting Vicariously by dunderknit

Caroline – aka dunderknit on Instagram – is new to podcasting, having started just late last year.  It’s been fun watching her podcast evolve from the very first episode. Caroline is a London-based Scot who is a fabulous knitter – especially incredible at sweater knitting.  She has a stash to be envious of and her auburn hair (artificially enhanced) is something I wish my hairdresser could replicate. Ha!

Knitting Vicariously is a swear friendly podcast – just so you don’t get offended.  I particularly loved Caroline’s Vicariously Vlogmas videos during December. Seeing the sights and lights  in and around London was so much fun!


What are you favorite podcasts?  I’m always wanting to watch more so if you have some suggestion, let me know!

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