FibreShare Introduction

This year is my year of firsts.  I’ve tried so many new things with yarn and my knitting (and even in my professional life!) and nothing has been a disappointment.  Since I was on a roll, I decided to do something else that was completely new to me: FibreShare!  

Have you heard of FibreShare?  If not, let me introduce you to it!


There have been various swaps on Ravelry throughout the years.  I participated in one, about 10 years ago and it was super fun. I got a lovely package from a wonderful woman in Australia.  We actually became Facebook friends and still chat and keep up with one another today.  

But this swap wasn’t yarn/knitting focused.  


FibreShare is yarn/fiber focused!  Here’s how it works… You are paired with two partners – one who you send to and one who sends to you.  You are required to send 200g of fibre – yarn or fiber or thread…whatever your partner uses to craft.   Your package to your partner has to amount to $100 – but you are also highly encouraged to shop your stash.  This is great for those of us who own too much yarn. There’s a small fee to sign up but that covers any missing packages, which makes sense.  

You can choose to have a domestic or international partner.  I would have loved to have an international partner but shipping rates in the U.S. have become way too expensive, in my opinion.  So I chose domestic.  


So Far, So Good

The current FibreShare packages are due to be sent by August 10.  I’m almost done shopping for my partner and it was so much fun! Thankfully, we both love pink!  

One of the coolest parts about FibreShare is that a lot of vendors offer discounts to those who are participating.  The discounts range from 10 to 20% off, which is awesome! I was able to put together a package with a skein from my stash and then a skein from a vendor.  It was fun shopping for someone who loves yarn as much as I do.

And the main reason to participate is to meet new people.  It’s been fun seeing what my partners are knitting and what they want to knit in the future.  And they’ve introduced me to new yarns, which is always good! Right?!

After my partner has received their package and when I get mine, I’ll post pictures!  

Next Round

Sign-ups for the next round of FibreShare begin October 19, so mark your calendars!  I’ll have to see how the budget looks for the holidays before I commit to this one. But I’d really like to do it and meet some more lovely knitters!  

FibreShare is great at building a community of makers!

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