FibreShare Winter 2019

Yes, you read that correctly.  I’m just now writing about the winter 2019 FibreShare exchange.  I received my lovely package at the busiest time of the season, which was a great surprise.  But it meant that I couldn’t get a post up about it right away because things were just a bit too hectic with all the travel and holiday prep.  

Now I’m super excited to tell you about everything I received in this round of Fibreshare.  It was such fun to open!


But first, I had a super friendly partner (who sent to me) this time.  Though she wasn’t from Texas, she had a Texas connection, which was super fun.  We also had some Colorado things in common, including a love of several Colorado dyers.  

I think both of our schedules got a bit busy so communication lagged a bit in this round.  It was just a difficult time of the year to be writing emails. But I do wish I could have gotten to know my partners a bit better.


There were so many goodies in my package this time around.  Here’s what it included:

  • Hue Loco Sock 80/20 – Holiday Cheer
  • Long Dog Yarn Bounce Sock – Traditions
  • Spincycle Dyed in the Wool – The Saddest Place
  • Mini-skeins of all kinds from different dyers
  • Lovely holiday stitch markers
  • A candle
  • An assortment of teas
  • A lovely project bag
  • And adorable snowman – we were supposed to send a holiday decoration this time around.

I was blown away by this package.  Spincycle yarn is not cheap. I’ve wanted to make several of Andrea Mowry’s projects that use this yarn but couldn’t justify the expense.  Now I’ll only need two more skeins to make one of those projects – totally justifiable! And I loved the holiday colors from Hue Loco and Long Dog Yarn.  Just lovely!

Package Sent

The partner I was sending to was in Boston and an avid sweater knitter.  She was super nice and I hope she liked what I sent her. Like an idiot, however, I forgot to take pictures of the package I sent to her.  Again, the season was so busy and I rushed to get the package out – and forgot pictures.  

Due to how busy I got this year, I don’t know if I’ll do another FibreShare.  I love the concept and getting to know new people. But I felt so rushed this time around….  I guess it’ll depend on the timing of the next one.  

I still highly recommend it, though.  It’s so much fun to get knitting goodies from a fellow knitter! 


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