October House Advent Calendar

First 10 Days of Advent

I really struggled with the decision of buying a yarn Advent calendar for myself.  The money was an issue – thankfully, I paid for it months ago! – but also the reality of having more yarn, which I don’t need to add to my altogether-too-large stash.  But now, 10 days into my October House Advent Calendar, I’m so thrilled that I purchased it.


Advent is not about  buying more things. It’s a time to be reflective and prepare for the birth of Christ.  So I’ve always been a bit conflicted about the commercialization of Advent. Growing up, we didn’t have Advent calendars.  We went to church and prayed more solemn prayers and sang more subdued songs. That was just how it was.

But now, as an adult, things are different.  And 2019 has kicked my butt. The last two weeks have been particularly dreadful at work so sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up.  And that’s what this delightful calendar has given me every day: a pick-me-up. It’s given me a beautiful thing to unwrap, which reminds me that life is still beautiful despite everything crappy going on around me.  


And I’m loving this October House calendar so far.  There have been so many surprises. Just when I thought I’d guessed a theme going in, that went out the window.  In a good way! So I wanted to take this opportunity, 10 days in, to show you just how gorgeous these colors are!!


I’m determined to knit a pattern with these mini skeins!  So far, I’m looking at these two options…

-Casapinka’s Perfect Blend

Perfect Blend

This is a lovely shawl that was originally a mystery knit-a-long (MKAL).  But since I didn’t have any yarn for it, I didn’t join along. Yay, for self control!  But now that I have the yarn for it, this may be the best option.

-Ambah O’Brien’s ADVENTurious Wrap

ADVENTurous Wrap
©Ambah O’Brien

I also like this wrap, which has been very popular for Advent calendars over the past few years.  Endless garter stitch sounds appealing…but would it be boring – even with mini skeins?

Before I jump into this project, I have a KAL with my knitting bestie in January – hopefully.  I’m ready to knit and knit some more! Will I ever tire of this hobby?!  

(I really can’t tire of it, I have too much yarn!!)

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