Freckled Whimsy

Freckled Whimsy

Y’all know how much I love self-striping yarn by now.  My first yarn love, ever, was Must Stash and it took me quite a while to look at another self-striping yarn dyer.  But when I started looking at other dyers, I found some very talented, lovely dyers, one of whom is Freckled Whimsy.  Karrie is the dyer behind this lovely yarn company and she lives in Illinois.

Let me tell you more!


Karrie has several bases upon which she dyes her fabulous Freckled Whimsy colors, including…

Serendipity (Fingering – 75/25)

Dreamy (Fingering – 75% SW Merino/15% Nylon/10% Tencel)

Happenstance (Fingering 4-ply – 80% SW Merino/20% Nylon)

Kismet (Fingering 3-ply – 80% SW Merino/20% Nylon)

Glee Base (Fingering – 90% SW Targhee/10% Nylon)

Serendipity DK (75/25)

Freckled Whimsy


Freckled Whimsy has an abundance of mystery clubs you can join.  I’ve been so tempted!  

There always seems to be something beautiful for sale on the website but be sure to follow Karrie on Instagram to see what she’s dyeing up next!

Ease of Shopping

The Freckled Whimsy website is super easy to use!


Shipping from Karrie is always super fast.  I’ve been extremely surprised and satisfied whenever I order from her!


Karrie is a dyer that I’m constantly stalking online.  Her colorways are just beautiful and I cannot get enough!  Last year, Karrie dyed her first Advent Skein, similar in theory to the Cozy Knitter’s and I was so tempted….  This may be the year I buy it!

Be sure to watch and see all the lovely colors Karrie is dyeing up!

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