Gauge Dye Works

Gauge Dye Works

Y’all know by now that my first love in the category of self-striping yarn is Must Stash Yarn.  And a first love is always precious.  But there are other self-striping yarn dyers who are very special.  One of those is Canadian dyer Gauge Dye Works.  Catherine is based on Vancouver Island and her yarn is so, so beautiful.

Let me tell you more!


Catherine dyes Gauge Dye Works on several bases, including…

2-ply Fingering (100% SW Merino)

3-Ply Fingering (80/20)

MCN Fingering (70% SW Merino/20% Cashmere/10% Nylon)

Merino Sport (100% SW Merino)

Merino Worsted (100% SW Merino)

Gauge Dye Works


Gauge Dye Works is very much in demand.  The Grocery Girls are huge fans and it seems like Catherine always sells out of her new releases very quickly.  If you want to be sure to get some of her yarn, sign up for her newsletter to learn all about her yarn!

Ease of Shopping

The Gauge Dye Works website is very user-friendly.  And Catherine even offers kits that are very, very nice!


Shipping from Gauge to the United States was quite reasonable.  I won’t hesitate to order from them due to shipping costs!


Be sure to also follow Catherine on Instagram to learn all about what she’s dyeing up now.  She is such a talented dyer and I know I’ll be buying more of her yarn in the future!

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