Get Your Pretty On – Winter 2018

I’ve always been a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.  I never felt the need to wear yoga pants in public, but my casual attire constantly left me feeling self-conscious and girlie.  Finding a blouse to wear with jeans was “dressing up.” I looked at other women, who looked fabulous and put-together, and wondered how they apparently instinctively knew how to dress.

My clothing budget has always gone to my work attire, which is professional, even on Fridays.  I’ve tried to weed out some of my girlie clothes here, too, and buy more pencil skirts and blazers.

When I reached and surpassed my thirty-sixth birthday, I grew increasingly disgusted with my casual wardrobe.  And then a friend introduced me to Get Your Pretty On, created by Alison Lumbatis. Alison creates a capsule of clothes each season, which you personalize to your tastes, and gives you 28  to 31 outfits from that capsule.

I was sold! After practically memorizing Alison’s site, I bought an annual membership.  Each season, I shopped my closet for the wardrobe pieces and, if I didn’t have them, I shopped online, knowing exactly what to get.  And suddenly, I was dressing like a grown-up! I was wearing outfits, complete with on-trend jewelry and shoes!

I’ve now completed a year of Alison’s Style Challenges.  That’s four seasons of capsules and I’ve loved every single season!  Alison calls them Style Challenges but don’t be alarmed because there is no competition.  The Challenge, as I see it, is disregarding your old standby leggings and jeans and turning to your GYPO capsule instead.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. Alison is all about creating a closet full of staples that you can wear year-round.  She encourages you to clean out your closet, toss everything you don’t love and feel great wearing. I haven’t personally succeeded in this, yet, but I keep working on it.  And I’ve learned that all those clothes that ‘I may need someday’ – well, I haven’t needed them in ten years so I probably won’t need them tomorrow!

I can’t say enough about GYPO and these capsules.  If you have ever wanted a personal stylist, or feel the least bit self-conscious about your wardrobe, give Alison a try.  You won’t regret it.

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