GYPO Fall 2019

Happy fall, y’all!  It doesn’t feel like it, at all, in Texas, but a girl can dream, right?  Having some needles and wool in hand always helps, too! But I love marking the seasons with my favorite wardrobe capsule program, Get Your Pretty On (GYPO) from Alison Lumbatis.  

It’s been a fun summer – and I loved the capsule – but I’m ready for fall clothes now.  Last year’s fall capsule was my favorite of the year, so I had high hopes for this year!

Capsule Concept

Having a wardrobe capsule for a season makes life so much easier.  Get Your Pretty On tells you every piece to buy/add to your capsule every season.  And then GYPO tells you how to mix and match, for a total of about 30 outfits. (This fall there is a whopping 33 outfit combinations!)  So there’s no guessing what to wear every day.  

Fall Fun

Fall is the time of year to break out your boots and jeans.  Since we’re in Texas, I never wear jeans after May, since it’s just too hot.  So it’s always fun to pull out the jeans and make sure they fit the way I remember!  One trend that is reappearing that I will not be partaking in is bell bottoms. I can’t believe their back!  Thankfully our skinny and boot cut jeans are still in style! 

GYPO Workwear

And boots!  I was so happy to see tall boots – instead of only booties – in the capsule this season.  I haven’t loved the booties I bought, but I adore my boots!  

Fall colors, though they are not my favorite, are the colors that work best with my complexion.  I can’t do fuchsias and bright yellow but I can do orange, green, and brown. So this is obviously my time of year!  This capsule is full of warm neutrals and plenty of pops of color.


If you’ve been intrigued by the capsule idea, you should try GYPO for a season.  Alison offers both a casual and workwear capsule. I’ve never tried the work wear but have been tempted every season.  If you want to try just one, choose the area that gives you the most grief when you look in your closet. Because the capsule concept will help you out so much! 

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