GYPO Spring 2019

GYPO Spring 2019

I’ve spoken before about Alison Lumbatis’ wardrobe capsule program, Get Your Pretty On.  For 2019, Alison is starting things off with a bang with a gorgeous spring line-up.

Capsule Concept

If you haven’t heard about a wardrobe capsule, the concept is something like this: take 15-25 articles of clothes and accessories and create a month’s worth of outfits.  It takes the guesswork out of finding something to wear, making it super easy to get dressed every day.

Alison always suggests that you shop your closet before buying anything new.  And she offers tips on how to clean out your closet to make it full of clothes that you love to wear.  

Spring Colors

I love winter but there’s something refreshing about ditching those dark colors and replacing them with corals, yellows, and pinks.  

GYPO is great because Alison does tons of research on current trends.  That way, you can add one or two pieces of clothing/accessories to your wardrobe each season to stay on trend – without breaking the bank.

Alison offers the casual capsule as well as a workwear capsule, for all your day-to-day needs.  

GYPO Workwear Spring 2019


Because Alison always suggests that you shop your closet first, you can usually build any capsule around the clothes you already have.  When your budget it is tight, work with what you have.

Now that this is my second year doing the yearly subscription, I’m finding that I can reuse more and more of the clothes from last season.  Trends don’t end too quickly, so it’s really not necessary to buy a lot each season. I also save money by not buying the purses. I don’t have the time or energy to change purses daily or weekly, so that’s one thing I can easily get by without.  

Plus, Alison wants you to stock your closet with closet staples – such as a white shirt, a neutral cardigan, a denim jacket, a grey shirt…  And these are reused in almost every capsule.

GYPO Spring 2019


I love this program!  I love that it’s forced me to think about my casual clothes (no more jeans and a t-shirt!) and to make smart decisions about what I keep and get rid of.  If you feel that your style or your clothes has become stagnant, I highly suggest this program!

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