GYPO Summer

GYPO Summer 2019

It’s summer, y’all!  Maybe not officially, but summer has arrived here in Texas!  With the change in season, it’s time for a new wardrobe capsule from Alison at Get Your Pretty On.  This is my second year participating in the GYPO Style Challenges and it has seriously made me step up my casual dressing game – which was in serious need of an overhaul.

Capsule Ease

Having a wardrobe capsule for a season makes life so much easier.  Get Your Pretty On tells you every piece to buy/add to your capsule every season.  And then GYPO tells you how to mix and match, for a total of about 30 outfits. So there’s no guessing what to wear every day.  Here’s how it works….


Summer clothes are awesome, mainly because they’re so much cheaper than winter clothes!!  Shorts, tank tops, cute dresses….these are all less expensive than boots, sweaters, and coats.  And the bright colors are always fun to work with.

This summer’s colors and patterns are super fun.  But, as someone with auburn hair, I can’t wear a lot of yellow and red.  And here’s the beauty of GYPO: Alison gives you different palettes to choose from, based on your coloring.  My palette is warm/soft and features blushes, oranges, and corals. So much better for my skin tone!

GYPO Summer


If you get frustrated with clothes, shopping, outfit coordination, then GYPO is for you.  Alison walks you through purging your closet, shopping your closet, and all kinds of other advice to help you have a more cultivated wardrobe that will get you through all seasons.  

I can’t recommend GYPO enough!  And if you struggle with workwear, there’s a summer capsule for that as well!

GYPO Summer Workwear

Check it out!

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