GYPO Winter

GYPO Winter 2019

It’s almost officially winter!  Almost! Though it gets cold in Texas, it doesn’t get so cold that we need heavy winter gear.  But I love scarves and coats and we can definitely put those to good use in Texas. Alison Lumbatis of Get Your Pretty On (GYPO) has created a lovely winter wardrobe capsule this year.  Let me tell you all about it!

Capsule Concept

A wardrobe capsule makes life super busy when you’re on the go during the holiday season.  Get Your Pretty On tells you every piece to buy/add to your capsule every season. And then GYPO tells you how to mix and match, for a total of about 30 outfits.  So there’s no guessing what to wear every day. This has really helped me expand and mature my casual wear, which was always the last thing I bought, choosing to spend money on workwear, instead, since I wear that five days a week.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

As a knitter, winter is a time of scarves and cowls for me.  (I don’t usually need hats but I still love knitting them!) This year, Alison has included two scarves in her capsule and one of them is buffalo plaid!  I love buffalo plaid! We saw it all over Canada a few months ago and, of course, I did not buy a scarf.  So Alison gave the perfect excuse to buy one now!

GYPO Workwear

GYPO always includes the cutest graphic t-shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts.  This year, it’s a graphic sweatshirt from J. Crew Factory. So fun!

Alison also includes several party outfits with every winter capsule, so you know what to wear for those work/social occasions.  Since we don’t usually have any of these, I skip the fancy capsule additions. That’s the great thing about a capsule, after all: you can make it your own!  You can customize it to be more casual or more fancy!

GYPO Winter


If you’ve been intrigued by the capsule idea, you should try GYPO for a season.  Alison offers both a casual and workwear capsule. I’ve never tried the work wear but have been tempted every season.  If you want to try just one, choose the area that gives you the most grief when you look in your closet. Because the capsule concept will help you out so much! 

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