Habitation Throw

Habitation Throw

In 2019, I bought my first-ever yarn Advent calendar.  It’s a big purchase and one that I could never full justify.  Well, in 2019, I bought one from October House yarns and committed to using it.    But I needed the perfect pattern.  After much looking and debating, I settled on Helen Stewart’s (Curious Handmade) Habitation Throw.  And it was the best decision!

The Yarn

October House’s Advent calendar did not disappoint.  Robin dyed a beautiful calendar, filled with her signature pastels.  I fell in love with these mini skeins and knew I needed a pattern that would appropriately showcase Robin’s colors…

The Pattern 

Helen Stewart write fabulous patterns.  I’ve bought her Sock Society and Shawl Society pattern bundles, and I’ve even participated in an MKAL with her.  And I’ve never been disappointed.  

The Habitation Throw was part of the Knitvent 2019 collection, a series of patterns designed to use those mini skeins in Advent calendars.  I immediately fell in love with this pattern and knew that this calendar would make a lovely throw!!

Habitation Throw


Pattern:  Habitation Throw by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade

Yarn:  October House Fiber Arts Sojourn Sock

Colorways: various – all 24 minis

Needles: US 6 (4 mm)

Made for: me

Time to Completion: 11 months

Habitation Throw

Thanks to COVID and Zoom meetings and webinars, I was able to knit this throw in record time.  Most throws would take me years to knit! But this became my go-to throw for 30 minutes of knitting every day, during the week at lunch.  It’s an easy pattern so even a beginner will feel comfortable with it.  

When I was at the halfway mark, I debated making a slightly larger throw…and so I knit a bit more than the pattern called for.  This meant that, at the end of the pattern, I ran out of the Advent calendar and had to turn to some other scrap yarn to finish out the throw.  That wasn’t a big deal; we all have yarn scraps.  But the size is perfect!   This throw will live in my home office so that I can easily cover up on chilly days.  

If you want to knit a throw or need a pattern for all those minis or scraps of yarn, I cannot recommend this pattern enough.  I may have to knit another one next year!!

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