Holiday in July swap

July Swap

A few months ago, I joined the Love in Stitches membership, which is the creation of Knitty Natty (aka Natalie).  I’ve been watching Natalie’s podcasts for a long time and when she created the membership I was immediately intrigued….but  a bit hesitant.  It’s turned out to be a lot of fun and there are some great activities, like yarn swaps!  I took part in the July Swap and got a lovely package from my partner.

Let me tell you more…

Love in Stitches Membership

Natalie’s Love in Stitches membership is a community of knitters – and other crafters – who join in on Zooms, MALs (make-a-longs), and swaps.  There are knitting Zooms led by Natalie and other members of the community.  And there are other activities like movie nights!  

I mainly decided to join the membership to be able to talk to fellow knitters.  Since I don’t have a knitting group locally, it’s nice to have one virtually!

July Swap

All swaps in the membership are optional.  The Holidays in July Swap paired you with someone to send a package to and a different person who would send you a package.  The package had to contain at least 100g of yarn, a project bag, and a little something extra that would fit in the palm of your hand.  How fun!!

To get to know your swap-ee, you were given some basic information such as the kind (and weight and color) of yarn they like, other interests and hobbies, allergies, and the type of project bag they would most like.  

My partner sent a fantastic package containing a skein of yarn from Suburban Stitcher, which is extraordinary, a llama bag from The Silver Shed, and some cute stitch markers (and my favorite kind of scissors to hand on hand for knitting).  Such a great package!

Suburban Stticher
I forgot to take a picture of the package I sent, but I found my Disney/Marvel fan partner a Marvel project bag.  So cute!  I looked through my stash and decided to send her a skein of Ancient Arts yarn, and Mickey/Minnie progress keepers.  

Ancient Arts Yarn


Swaps are always an iffy proposition.  You may get something you love, like, or really dislike.  But it’s always fun knowing that a knitter is shopping for you – and vice versa.  I don’t get to shop for any knitters in my family so it’s nice to give a  far-away knitter some fun items!

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