Keeping Busy

By now, most of us who can stay at home have probably settled into a routine.  I know I have. This week has been easier but time is what’s freaking me out.  How can the days go by so slowly yet so quickly?  I can’t remember what day it is, but yet March is now, officially, the longest month ever.

Thankfully, after a very rainy week last week, it’s now sunny here in Texas.  I know many of you are still dealing with snow and very cold temperatures, which is a challenge.  The sun has definitely helped our moods.  

To help myself stay busy at home, while stuck inside, I’ve been making lists….  Lots of lists! I thought I would share them with you, in case you needed some inspiration during this time….

Home Projects

  • Clean: mop, vacuum, dust
  • Transition the closet to spring wardrobe
  • Clean out the planter, make room for spring planting
  • Organize craft desk 
  • Go through books – organize and make donation pile
  • Spring cleaning (once-a-year tasks):
    • Clean out/organize closets
    • Clean out under the kitchen and bathroom sinks
    • Go through clothes – make donations pile


Craft Projects

  • Block two finished shawls!
  • Get caught up on scrapbooking
  • Make birthday cards – male, female, kids
  • Make Mother’s and Father’s Day cards
  • Organize yarn:
    • FINALLY weigh and organize scrap yarn
    • Tag yarns to donate or destash
    • Make sure Ravelry is up to date on stash


How are you spending your extra time indoors?  Are you happy to hunker down at home or are you restless?  I must say that I’m happy to have more time to get stuff done in the house, because I was feeling a bit stressed.  So I’m trying to stay positive, despite all the uncertainty. 

And every day, I think about knitting and then get my needles out at every possible opportunity – like during webinars!  Hang in there and keep on knitting!

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