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Kits and Shawls

Despite my tendency to plan everything in my life, I’m not very good at planning my knitting.  I’ve definitely improved planning out Christmas and birthday gifts – but not much more. When I go to buy yarn, I rarely, if ever, have a plan; so I’ll default to getting a skein of sock yarn for socks.  Because I still love knitting socks. Recently, however, I’ve been yearning for kits of yarn – mostly for shawls. Maybe it’s the fall weather but I have a hankering to knit all the shawls.

My Fade

My Find Your Fade shawl is still 3 skeins away from being finished.  Wow. I’ve learned a lesson with this shawl – maybe I shouldn’t do ones that are this big.  And yet one-skein shawls always seem a bit too small. So perhaps I should knit some 2-3 skein shawls – something in between.

Find Your Fade

Thankfully, the Fade shawl is easy to knit.  But it’s just such a time consuming knit!

So Many Shawls

The more shawls I see on Instagram and Ravelry, the more I want to knit.  There are so many gorgeous patterns with lovely color combinations. One thing I’m learning about myself – I’m not great at picking out colors.  

And that has led me to eyeing shawl kits that indie dyers so thoughtfully provide to customers.  Sure, it’s difficult to spend that much money upfront, rather than buying a skein at a time…. But to have all the yarn you need without having to piece together your own kit with colors sounds lovely!  


For my birthday, I was gifted a kit for Helen Stewart’s Shawl Society.  The pattern is the Rockpooling Shawl and I love it! I am lucky enough to have a mom who indulged me by getting the kit from The Wool Kitchen for my birthday.  I’m so excited! A new-to-me indie dyer and my first ever Shawl Society pattern!

Rockpooling Shawl
©Helen Stewart

I want to cast this on right away, but I have too much on the needles.  And now I have a last minute gift to knit up…. I try to be a responsible knitter and not have too much on the needles! 

But one can dream about all the lovely patterns and kits….  And right now, I have about four shawls I want to knit! Eek!

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