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Some time ago, I was listening to the Grocery Girls podcast and Tracie talked about taking a Selbu Mitten class.  I listened and was intrigued but it took seeing several Seblu Mittens before I wanted to knit my own pair.  And when I did, I went back to see from whom Tracie had taken classes: Knitography Farm.

Now, as I’m in the midst of taking Knitography Farm’s Selbu Mitten course, I thought I’d share a bit about this amazing resource.

What It Is

Knitography Farm is led by Patricia, an American living in Norway.  Patricia is a trained shepherdess.  Since her time in Norway, she has studied the long history of Selbu Mittens and has mastered the techniques used for years and years….

Patricia leads the Knitography Farm Virtual Classroom.  She used to teach in person, but Covid forced her to move online and I am so glad she did!  And there’s more than just Selbu techniques.  Other courses include: Stranded Knitting, Selbu Sock Knitting, Kofte, Selbugenser, Norsk Kofte, and Advanced Kofte.  

Selbu Mitten Course

Though I haven’t finished the Selbu Mitten Course, I couldn’t be happier with how Patricia leads the class.  You learn the history of the mittens, how to knit them just like they did a hundred years ago, how to read historical patterns….  And you learn why the patterns are written the way they are.  For a history nerd like myself, this is all very fascinating!

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These courses are not free…but they are very reasonably priced.  Patricia is a good teacher and I very much enjoy tuning into her classes.  

If you’re looking to craft one of the skills that Patricia teaches, I highly recommend her courses.  And I can’t wait to show you my mittens!

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