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Knitting Goals Check-In

It’s almost mid-year.  I can’t believe it.  Where has the time gone?  And we’re now knocking on the door to summer and I hate Texas summers.  Hate.  Them.  But knitting keeps me sane, as always.  At the beginning of the year, I made several goals, keeping them a bit less strict than in the past, and thought I’d check in on them to see how I’m doing.

Accountability is always a good thing, right?

My Goals

  • Make a Christmas ornament (leftover, unrealized goal from 2019!)
  • Try the Fish Lips Heel!
  • Organize my stash, especially the leftovers.
  • Gift knitting – keep on top of it!
  • Finish my Find Your Fade shawl
  • Read more books about knitting
  • Knit about 10 projects


Well, I’ve yet to make a Christmas ornament.  And I haven’t tried the Fish Lips Heel.

I have, however, organized my stash and am almost done weighing and labeling all my yarn scraps.  That has taken longer than expected but I’m almost done!  Yay!

My gift knitting is on track for the year.  I’ve knitted two gifts and am halfway through another one right now.  I love ticking these off throughout the year – way ahead of schedule.  Nothing makes me feel more accomplished than not having to scramble around for birthday and Christmas gifts!


I’ve finished my Fade!   Yes!  It still needs to be blocked but it’s done!  I’m super excited to have this big project completed!  Keep a lookout for a blog post all about this great shawl from Andrea Mowry.

Reading has taken a back seat to knitting.  I did receive another Clara Parkes book late last year that I’m really wanting to read – maybe after my current book.  (And that book is A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles – very quarantine appropriate!)

My FO count for the year so far is 6!   I’m a bit ahead of schedule, mainly due to the fact that I completed one project on January 1st.  Hmph.

And Finally….

I’m very satisfied with my progress so far for the year.   I set these goals to be productive and not stressful – because I didn’t want knitting to stress me out.  And I’m super glad I thought to check in on them at this time of year – because January was a long time ago and I frequently can’t remember last week, let alone five months ago!

Do you set yearly knitting goals?  How are yours coming along?

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